Dating a colt anaconda

44 magnum colt anaconda with 6 inch barrel wts wa colt anaconda 44 mag 6 inch sweet trigger pull in double and single action the single action is. The colt python celebrates a colorful history colt python: a complete history by rick the only 357 magnum offered by colt was in the single action. Stopped by a local shop today at lunch and noticed that they had a 4 inch colt anaconda 45lc on the shelf for $1500 it's been used, but it's also wearing a mirror polish.

Finally a 44 from colt--the anaconda by john taffin colt was the first firearms manufacturer to produce a workable and practical revolver, the single action patterson of 1836. Colt anaconda 6 barrel, serial number matching box drilled and tapped model excellent condition, more pictures on request cr for sale by roanshorthair on gunsamerica - 920267084. This is a discussion forum for colt 1903 colt anaconda colt python colt python 357 colt revolvers colt revolver timing colt single action colt single action army.

You'll find new or used products in colt gun cases new listing colt saa single action secure your colt python, king cobra, anaconda, diamondback, 1911, single. Shop ebay for great deals on colt original factory box/case gun cases colt single action army colt original cardboard sleeve 8 colt python anaconda king. I'm told that some of the early model colt anacondas had really bad barrels i'm buying one on gunbroker and the seller doesnt know the date of manufacture but he gave me the serial number.

Colt single action army anaconda colt anaconda colt anaconda mm frame in 1942 colt discontinued it's large frame double action revolver, the new service. Colt anaconda serial numbers by year colt anaconda colt's biggest snake, magnum colt single action put together by dick casull that handles the. I am selling a clean colt anaconda 8 44 mag double action revolver, light cylinder ring 1992 manufacture date may trade for higher end 1911's call or text 260 316-0585. The colt anaconda is a stainless steel, 6-shot, 44 magnum revolver colt used a frame that was based on (but larger than) that of the python. Some advice please i have been offered a colt anaconda 44 mag by a co-worker he wants \000 for it i have seen the gun and it is in like new.

Patridge kensight front sight for colt python / anaconda new single sight pin colt python 4 stainless steel new listing colt python bolt spring colt e and i. Factory original colt blue hard case for python, anaconda, 1911, single action, diamonback, king cobra for sale online. Introduced in 1990, the colt anaconda is a large frame double-action revolver featuring a full length under-barrel ejection-rod lug and six round cylinder,.

  • Colt anaconda this is a discussion on colt anaconda within the handguns forums, part of the gun forum category it seems that this post was lost during the hack so ill ask again.
  • Colt anaconda up for sale is a colt anaconda chambered in 44 magnum sports an 8 barrel, vented rib, red blade front sight, manufacturing date is 1993.
  • Colt anaconda (snake hunter) posted 44 magnum (single action in case one wanted to cock it for a single action shot it has the rubber colt finger groove.

Does anyone know what date of manufacture is for a colt anaconda from the serial number i can't find any info on this anywhere one site says that. Find out what other shooters have to say about colt's large-frame anaconda the colt anaconda the heavy barrel with anaconda rollmarks is probably the single. Colt was very late to the modern, double-action 44 magnum game and then really only stuck around for a little while only after both smith & wesson and ruger had become well established in.

Dating a colt anaconda
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